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Changelog Version 4

4.71.0 - 10.02.2013


  • Finished several changes during the startup.
  • Added autoupdate of the extension for Chrome / Iron.

Fleet dispatch:

  • Improved the bevavior of the "Send" button color - Added a small margin for "Green" color.


  • Improved messages icon.


  • Fixed a problem for some player that they can't send fleet sometimes.

4.69.0 - 08.02.2013


  • Finished the second last step of converting this project into native extenion.


  • Added connection to o-calc page "Amortisation" - planets are already submitted, mine levels are missing for now.


  • Fixed a problem with options - A few values aren't stored.
  • Fixed some minor problems from the last step changing the code into extension.

4.68.0 - 06.02.2013


  • Fixed an important bug handling the backup storage.

4.67.0 - 05.02.2013


  • Improved the handling of options and storage using the background pages. Internal storage format is changed, use the feature to backup/restore the options if you go back to older AGO versions.
  • Added feature to store the options permanently in Google Chrome and Iron. They will be kept if cookies, cache or other web data are deleted.
  • Added the autocopy feature in Google Chrome and Iron for external web pages.


  • Started the next tab "Tasks" to collect marked coordinates - In development.


  • Fixed a bug which appears on server while updating the translations.
  • Added around 11 bugs during the work on option / storage handling.

4.61.0 - 01.02.2013


  • Ready for OGame 5.3.
  • Next step of converting AGO into native extensions for Firefox and Chrome - Using the background pages to manage the modules and to do as much as possible directly after the page starts.

Main view:

  • Added feature to show the remaining outlaw time in front of the player name.
  • Added/improved feature "The OGame logo is linked to page" to choose other ones then overview.


  • Included the new OGame API localizations.xml (within OGame 5.3).
  • Only for OGame 5.2.x: Go onetime to fleet page 3 and then logout / login to load the mission labels.


  • Added feature to use the translated words for WebSim / Osimulate.
  • Fixed broken "Set simulated ships in OGame" feature in Osimulate.

Skin & Usability:

  • Improved feature "Use included OGame images instead of loading via internet" - Added selection of an own background color.


  • Fixed a couple of minor problems.

4.42.0 - 22.01.2013


  • Only available as extension for Firefox and Chrome/Iron.
  • All styles are separated and skinable.
  • All translations are included and can be updated from the server.
  • Separated the complete code in modules - Only the neccessary ones are loaded. Important improvement for smartphones and slow machines.
  • Added feature to disable AntigameOrigin for each universe. Enabel again with a click onto the menu button.
  • Added feature that the OGame logo goes to fleet page 1 instead of overview.


  • Updated for OGame 5.2.3.
  • Updated for OGame 5.3 - added the improved localization.xml API file.

Skin & Usability:

  • Created new tab "Skin & Usability".
  • Added feature to use included OGame images instead of loading them from the server. With different background pictures.
  • This can cause problems for other tools, then please don't activate it.
  • Added feature to use an external skin.

Data & Settings:

  • "Data collection" and "OGame API database" requires an enabled option "Infopanel" for all features. You can hide the infopanel on page start, see options.


  • The tab "Tools" is only shown with enabled option "Tools".
  • Most of all tabs requires an enabled option "Data collection" to store the values

Fleet dispatch:

  • Added standard feature to show if the resources are loaded or not
  • The "Send" button is only green, if all or all without remaining resources are loaded. Otherwise the button is orange, if there are some recources loaded.


  • Fixed a problem with the mission labels - Updating them was broken.

4.16.0 - 14.11.2013


  • Fixed a bug on fleet page 3 - ACS defend holdingtime was not changeable and zero was not preselectable.

4.15.0 - 14.11.2013

Buildings & Constructions:

  • Improved total and missing resources summary and connected to the info panel


Events & Galaxy:


4.14.0 - 11.01.2013


  • Fixed a bug in espionage reports - debris calculation includes rockets in universes with defense in debris.
  • Fixed a few minor problems.
  • Fixed a problem if other tools add many menu buttons - AntigameOrigin stopped working then.


  • Following the great soul of OGame (Polishing from bugs until they shine like a fine, new feature.) I have improved the latest problem a "little".
  • Added standard feature "AntiGameOrigin might stop working if it detects strictly forbidden OGame Tools." (Recognizable by a red menu button).

4.11.0 - 10.01.2013


  • The tab "Stationed" is now available for all users, even without commander.


  • Fixed a problem with Firefox: Updating data & settings started in each new tab, sometimes the selected mission and resources are lost in fleetpage 2 and 3.

4.10.0 - 10.01.2013



  • Added feature setting "Assign ships, resources and other values at which moment" to solve problems with slow machines, connections or game server.
  • Added new feature to "Use visual selection feedback" - The active planet or moon has a colored background, even the new selected.

Data & Settings:

  • Merged tab "Data & Settings" and "Alliances, Players & Positions".
  • Improved and resorted all - A few settings are changed, please check this tab for your preferred settings.
  • Improved "backup via" and "copy & paste".
  • Added standard feature to auto update all data and settings after an AntigameOrigin update.

Coloring & Highlighting:

  • Improved and resorted all - A few settings are changed, please check this tab for your preferred settings.

Fleet page II:

  • The complete header line of the target table changes now between open and closed


  • Merged tab "Galaxy" with "Events" to reduce the amount of tabs. There are to less settings in Galaxy.
  • Removed setting "Use always coloring & highlighting scheme for debris field "- Use resorted "Coloring & Highlighting" for it.


  • Fixed a problem in Jumpgate that you get always error messages after the first one.

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